Welcome to Harmony Park!

Address: 699 Indian Creek DriveHarmony Park

Harmony Park is a 13-acre multi-use park located at the far end of Indian Creek, where the road comes to a dead end on the back side of Hogan’s Glen.  The park features a playground, nine soccer fields, two tennis courts and a basketball court. The soccer fields are available to the Greater Northwest Soccer Association only and a concession stand offers snacks during league-play.

Please call 682-831-4640 to see if your soccer game or practice has been cancelled due to the weather.


The park has separate men’s and women’s restrooms with water fountains, as well as a pet water fountain that will help keep you favorite furry friend hydrated. Amenities at Harmony Park are connected by a 1.8-mile meandering pathway system. Warm-up stations along the pathway feature equipment designed for arm and leg work outs.

The tennis courts and basketball court are available on a first come, first play basis. The basketball court allows full-court play and is lit at night. The tennis courts are on a timer/photocell and the lights are operational from approximately 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. depending on the time of year. Users who require lighting must press the button located on the southernmost side of the court. The lighting system runs at 120 minute intervals.

Additionally, Harmony Park has a large covered pavilion with four, eight-foot bench-style picnic tables that can accommodate a party of 40+. The pavilion includes a large charcoal grill and electricity, as well as lighting for after dark events. Residents and non-residents can reserve the pavilion at Harmony Park for a nominal fee (three hour minimum). Trophy Club residents can reserve the pavilion for $20/three hours and non-residents can reserve the pavilion for $40/three hours.

To reserve the pavilion please complete and submit a Facility Reservation form.

The children’s play area at Harmony Park includes a large modular playground that was added to the park in 1999 with a shade structure that provides protection from the elements. The play structure, known by residents as Rainbow Run, offers children an assortment of slides, ramps, tunnels, jungle gyms, twisting tube slides, bridges, climbers and a small sand box.

NEOS System

In 2012 the town installed a NEOS System near the playground, which is a state-of-the-art outdoor gaming system designed to get kids and adults outside and exercising. NEOS is a fun, interactive electronic game that offers a creative alternative to today’s traditional at-home gaming systems. There are three components to the NEOS System:

  • NEOS Wall
  • NEOS 360
  • NEOS Ring

The NEOS System includes one or two-player competitions (two-player option can be played as teams with multiple players) while entertaining participants with visual, spatial, physical, auditory and musical challenges. Each NEOS game lasts approximately one minute and promotes physical activity the entire game. Correct responses are rewarded with sounds, lights and reward points, which promotes a healthy compensation that draws on competitive instincts. NEOS gaming options include:

  • Light Grabber
  • Light Thief
  • Bubble Burst
  • Road Block
  • Snake
  • Goalie
  • Dance With Me
  • Echo
  • Music Machine

The NEOS System operates from dawn to dusk. A printable version of the NEOS User Guide  is available online.

NEOS System Warning: It is dangerous to climb on any component of the NEOS System or use NEOS in any unintended manner. Please help us keep the NEOS System working for many years to come!

For specific park questions, please email Tony Jaramillo, Parks Supervisor or call 682-831-4683.